The History of Kalfidis Family

Three generations in jewellery, a story full of creativity, passion and beauty!

In 1940, Ioannis Kalfidis, a young businessman from Constantinople, arrived in Thessaloniki and opened the first jewellery store under the name "Kalfidis", driven by his love for jewellery and precious objects. His sons Michalis and Theodoros Kalfidis grew up in the family business and were introduced to the "world" of jewellery from a very young age.

Michalis Kalfidis, with studies in civil engineering, founded in 1991 the shop and goldsmith workshop "KOSMIO", which specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality handmade jewellery. Into the magical world of jewellery, Michalis's wife, Sofia Kalfidis, with studies in economics and excellent skills in jewellery design and the curation and decoration of the company's premises and presentations, also enters dynamically. Michalis and Sofia now share the same passion and love for jewellery.

Each of their creations reflects their special look, aesthetics and philosophy, revealing at the same time a part of their personality.

In 2000, the new modern facilities of the laboratory were inaugurated in Panorama of Thessaloniki, with the aim of introducing and exploiting new technologies and techniques.

In 2004, the first "KALFIDIS Personal & Precious Showroom" for the retail sale of jewellery opens in the same space and in 2010 the store at Sani Resort in Halkidiki. Next is the jewellery store on Tsimiski Street, in the center of Thessaloniki, in 2014.

The stores house the handmade creations of the company, as well as selected collections of selected branded houses.

KALFIDIS-KOSMIO participates in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad and is distinguished several times for its jewellery, while its permanent spaces, exhibition stands and showcases, receive excellent reviews for their design and are awarded for their overall aesthetics.

"Sketches, stones, nuggets, tweezers, flamethrowers, castings, techniques from the history of Greek goldsmithing, global trends, new ideas, tests, failures and lessons, journeys, distinctions, search... a magical journey."

The Future

Today the third generation, Akanthos and Ioannis, are already involved in the company and have taken over important parts of it. Akanthos has studied International Tourism Management at the Metropolitan School of London and Gemology studies at the HRD Institute in Antwerp, and Ioannis has a degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Vienna. The contribution of the new generation to the modern operation of the company is important, both in design and production, as well as in digital marketing - social media and electronic sales.


The family and a team of associates and experienced silversmiths are the faces behind the precious creations and the KALFIDIS jewelery brand.

The handmade jewellery is produced in one of the most complete silversmith workshops in Greece.

The first workshop, from which KOSMIO's hand-made constructions emerged, was founded in 1991. It is a traditional silversmith's workshop that focused from the first moment on the processing of precious stones and materials, such as gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.

In 2000, the new modern facilities were created, in Panorama of Thessaloniki, with the primary objective of introducing new technologies and multiple production and finishing techniques, as well as the creation of high quality jewellery in larger productions.

The design of the jewellery is based on the inspiration of the creators, who follow the global trends in fashion and have an excellent knowledge of precious materials, metals and stones and on the experience of our craftsmen in traditional techniques, but also in the use of modern technology.

The search for new techniques is constant, while the special design has been a point of reference in Greek jewellery and has often creatively influenced young designers.

All Together One Team

The soul of KALFIDIS Jewelery is its people. Our artisans, designers, vendors and external partners, who have been with us with their love, creativity and passion for many years, are precious and invaluable to us. It's the KALFIDIS Jewelery team!


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