Proper care of jewellery can ensure its unaltered beauty and shine.

Consult the following guide with some basic rules to help you properly maintain your jewellery.
You should protect them from impact, avoid contact with chemicals or products containing them, and avoid exposing them to intense heat and humidity. Moisture can cause oxidation in metals, while high temperatures can alter or permanently damage gemstones.
You should avoid wearing your jewellery during the following activities:

  • Handwashing (soap residue could affect the jewellery),
  • Housework or gardening (jewellery could be injured and detergents could damage gemstones),
  • Makeup (all kinds of cosmetics, make up, and perfumes, can contain ingredients that could potentially damage your jewellery),
  • Bathing (you should remove all your jewellery when bathing to avoid contact with soaps and other cleaning products),
  • Sports and swimming (seawater, chlorine and sweat can damage the gemstones and the jewellery itself).


When you are not wearing your jewellery, you should store it in a soft cloth. Store KALFIDIS Jewellery by placing them separately in their original packaging or in jewellery boxes with separate cases to prevent them from coming into contact with each other. We always advise you to close the mechanism on the clasp of bracelets and necklaces to avoid knots. Also, if you are storing chains, make sure they are aligned to avoid knots and deterioration. Check jewellery clasps and the stability of their stones frequently. Pearls, in particular, should be kept in a shady place in soft cloth cases and the thread that ties them should be checked regularly.
For their safety, keep them in a secure place, wrapped in aluminium to prevent them from being detected by metal detectors. Proper storage of jewellery is also important when travelling. Get a special travel case to protect them from damage.


Cleaning should be done periodically, ideally by a professional, so we recommend that you entrust your KALFIDIS Jewellery to a jewellery store you trust.
However, if you wish to clean your jewellery yourself, we recommend that you always use lukewarm water, neutral soap and a soft brush. You can also use a commercial cleaning product. Always dry by dabbing with a soft cloth. Under no circumstances should you use any other cleaner because it can damage your jewellery.
Avoid using hot water, as it can cause a reaction with the cleaning product and lead to discolouration of the jewellery.

When do we wear jewellery?

Jewellery should be the last thing we wear before we go out, and the first thing we take off when we return home.


We are always available, and you can contact one of our stores if you have a question or need support for a problem you are experiencing.
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